Southend Ornithological Group Records

SOG records for Shore Lark, at Wallasea Island (RSPB), from 10 February 2018 until 14 February 2018, recorded by all observers. Records marked with '*' may be duplicates.

Species Site Date Count Notes Observers
Shore Lark Wallasea Island (RSPB) 10/02/2018 11 Thanks Bob Graham Ryland, Graham Oakes 
*Shore Lark Wallasea Island (RSPB) 10/02/2018 11 Along Jubilee Trail, cheers Bob Lee Ebbs 
*Shore Lark Wallasea Island (RSPB) 10/02/2018 11 Jubilee trail Bob Young 
*Shore Lark Wallasea Island (RSPB) 10/02/2018 11 on Jubilee Marsh - thanks Bob! Neil Chambers 
*Shore Lark Wallasea Island (RSPB) 10/02/2018 11  Peter Collins 
*Shore Lark Wallasea Island (RSPB) 10/02/2018 11 along the Jubilee Wall in saltmarsh from the first raised mound south of the conveyer belt Steve Arlow 
Shore Lark Wallasea Island (RSPB) 13/02/2018 11 feeding on southern slope of sea wall 50-150m east of first mound but very flighty.and very difficult to see even in short grass Jeff Delve 
Shore Lark Wallasea Island (RSPB) 14/02/2018 10 minimum 10 around East Sea wall by second mound/blue distance signs initially working north in the salt marsh before flitting over the creek landing in salt marsh on Foulness. Vince Kinsler 
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