Southend Ornithological Group Records

SOG records for Garganey, at West Canvey Marsh (RSPB), from 13 May 2018 until 17 May 2018, recorded by all observers. Records marked with '*' may be duplicates.

Species Site Date Count Notes Observers
Garganey West Canvey Marsh (RSPB) 13/05/2018 Drake, seen briefly from sea wall, but not subsequently relocated Tim Bourne 
Garganey West Canvey Marsh (RSPB) 14/05/2018 male, eventually chased off by male Shoveler & flew off presumably to Bowers Richard Howard 
Garganey West Canvey Marsh (RSPB) 15/05/2018 2 males and 1 female flew from screen pools towards 2nd hide. One male very dull markings Graham Oakes 
*Garganey West Canvey Marsh (RSPB) 15/05/2018 Adult male from 12 Acre Viewpoint, taking short rapid flights and making grunting calls, and head-jerking, presumably part of a mating ritual. Apparently there had been 3 birds earlier, this, another duller male and a female Richard Howard 
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